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Carry Away Dinner- Thursday, April 29/21 3-7pm FRUHLINGSMENU- Spring Tasting Menu Old Black Forest & Petite Riviere Vineyards

We are excited to see the spring flowers popping up, spring just brings about a special inner energy that ignites us like a second New Year, full of possibilities!!

It also looks like we may need to carefully watch ourselves the next few weeks. The Pandemic’s 3rd Wave seems to be arriving in Nova Scotia this very week. We need to be careful, these variants are not the same as the original Covid 19. The spread is much faster, and makes every age group equally sick and almost everyone that gets them faces greater short and long-term health risks. 
Be safe. 

We were planning  an  indoor dinner later this month. Our social responsibility drove us to change the event to a   take out event. The good folks and chefs at Old Black Forest were very good, they made some menu changes and voila, we have a delicious take-away dinner planned for April 29th.  

We want to share the Spring Menu with you by Old Black Forest Restaurant.

This coming weekend, we will be at LOVE Local market at the Halifax Convention Center. This sounds like a wonderful event and we look forward to safely meeting our Halifax fans. 

The event is April 23 & 24,  Friday and Saturday only from 2-8pm each day.

LOVE Local Market *UPDATE: This event has been cancelled

We will be at the Love Local Market this weekend at the Halifax Convention Center Come Check it out- lots of wonderful local talent- 2-8pm Friday & Saturday- free admission https://www.sparklesnsawdust.com/lovelocal-market

Christian Preparing the Vineyards

Things are getting busy this time of year in the vineyard. Our vineyard manager-winemaker Christian Perlat spends his winters pruning our and other wine growers in the Lahave River Valley Wine Region. Christian is originally from Pouilly-Fume of Loire Valley, one of France's great wine regions. Ninety minutes from Paris, it is easy to visit and gorgeous with old villas and chateaux. It is just across the river from perhaps the world’s best known white wine region Sancerre. You can find both Sancerre and Pouilly-Fume at the larger NSLC stores, You will always make a friend if you arrive with one, but make it a special friend as they are nearly twice the price of our Mighty Maroon White.

This time of year the team is tying down the fruit canes to the lowest trellis wire, in anticipation of bud break. You don’t want the fruiting cane blowing in the wind during the growing year, so it is literally tied to the lowest wire. At 16,000 plants and normally two canes/plants, that is a lot of back bending work.

2021 Customer Appreciation Card Extended

We had so much fun at Easter, we forgot to turn off the Customer Appreciate Card on the 15th. SO we have decided to extend it until May 1st. Remember how it works, make any purchase from our wine shop of the only store and you will receive a 10% discount and a card providing you a 10% discount on all future products for the remainder of 2021. It is a great offer and one many people enjoyed last year and we hope you will this year.

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