April 29th - Newsletter

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We are amping up Home Delivery  - Parking Lot Pick Up is Back

Home Delivery will continue from Liverpool to Halifax along the 103 and from Halifax to Kentville along the 101, inclusive of Musquodoboit Harbour.

We will add Saturday delivery so now deliveries are Monday to Saturday.

Starting this Friday, we will open up parking lot pick-up for Friday and Saturday between 12 pm - 4 pm. Orders placed by noon on Friday to pick up same-day Friday and the same for Saturday, order by noon for Parking Lot pick-up on Saturday.

We are also going to extend the automatic award of a 2021 Customer Appreciation Card though Mothers’ Day. This entitled a card holder a 10% discount for this purchase and all remaining qualifying purchases until the end of 2021.

You can order by phone, FaceBook Messenger, by email or in our online store. You can choose any delivery date or your preferred delivery day.

The winery will not re-open for inside service until the 14th and we plan to open 7-days a week for the season starting the 21st.

Covid 19’s variant driven 3rd wave has arrived. This is a very good time to chill out and catch up with spring and prepare for a beautiful summer.

Be careful, but also be optimistic. We are 6-7 weeks from fulfilling the effort to get the 1st vaccine needle in arms and all of this will be behind us.

Dinner Pick-Up is On for Today

We had a pick-up dinner service planned for tomorrow and because we had so many people pre-order, we will continue with this plan. Our good friends at the Black Forest Restaurant have some great treats planned and have agreed to cook and pack orders all outside.  

Tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful evening; so we moved everything outside, food and wine will be available outside as well as payment. 

We will ensure service delivery is safe and you feel welcomed. The menu is below, pre-ordering is not a requirement. You can also order from the parking lot and we will deliver to the car. 

Be safe and eat well.

Mothers Day Deliveries in Antigonish, Pictou, and Truro have been cancelled

We had big plans for home deliveries across the province for mothers day this year, but have decided to cancel the following northern NS locations, Antigonish and Pictou counties and the Truro area. We will try again on Father's Day at which time we should be opening at all three of these community’s farmer markets.

A suitable mothers day family pick of Mom.

Mother’s Day may be a bit of a smaller celebration this year but it doesn't mean Mom needs to feel left out. We have packed together two sets of goodies and will even manage home delivery.

Help Mom with a little wine/cider inventory!

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