April 7th - Newsletter

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Everyone Wet Enough

Well, we all want flowers so we expect April showers, but enough already. We hope easter was a fun, probably mostly indoor, relaxing weekend. We were so lucky to be able to host mostly normal family dinners for Easter. Especially given that most of the rest of the world is not so lucky.  

We had nine at our dinner table; two were fully vaccinated, one person had one shot in the arm and two more had just become eligible. Two more were in their early 20’s and comfortable with their expectation of a June shot.

This is all going to happen fast now. If it happens orderly, we might just get to have normal fun this summer. Imagine that!

One of my friends even thinks we will start a period similar to the Roaring 20s of last century. Please get your shots as soon as your turn comes. Maybe we will throw a Flapper Party this summer.

Come Get Some Rays - Our Hot Sun Deck is Ready

After all that rain, we need some rays. Come get it, we have the warmest sun deck in the Province!  Take a break for an hour some afternoon and roast something besides Turkey or Ham. 

Feel free to use our deck, even on days we are not open. And even when we are not officially open, we are often there working on our craft!

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