August 6th Newsletter

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It’s August, so that means blueberry season starts in Nova Scotia!  This Saturday, August 7th from 12-4 we’re hosting our annual Sip and Sizzle event. We’ll be featuring our delicious, chilled Blueberry Wine (made from NS wild blueberries!) alongside grilled burgers and cheeseburgers! What a great way to enjoy an August summer day! $8 for a burger + a glass of blueberry wine.

Come enjoy a memorable day on the South Shore, and spend an hour or two at Petite Rivière Vineyards, while enjoying Tastings on the Terrace or just drop in to pick up a few bottles! Take in the beautiful view of our vineyards on our Ultimate Vineyard Tour (call a day in advance to reserve) no need to reserve for Tastings on the Terrace.

If you couldn’t tell from the signs that are lining our roads and highways, there’s a provincial election coming up! All of the candidates running for the major parties in both Lunenburg and Lunenburg West ridings are women! Make sure you exercise your franchise and VOTE on August 17th, or earlier in advance polls. 

Gracias to all who came out to our Sangria weekend at the winery!

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