February 16, 2022 | Lobster Crawl Time!

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We are in the thick of the South Shore Lobster Crawl -- and it is going great!

What more can you ask for? So many options for lobster served so many different ways! We are excited to try out as many dishes and places as we can!
And we are offering 2 weekends of lobster treats for you! Just come and pick up your delicious dish here.
If the weather is a repeat of last weekend, you can enjoy yourself on our sunny terrace! Treat yourself, and those close to you, to get out and experience something fun & delicious!

Who can’t resist a fresh lobster roll? We have Old Black Forest making lobster rolls here at the winery. Plus they make an amazing Lobster Pho Soup -- so good! We do offer a bottle of wine or cider with these options, see our listing here:

Lobster rolls and lobster pho with Black Forest Restaurant

Lobster Bisque with Osprey's Nest

Remember these are for pre-orders only, so be sure to order before Friday at noon to be able to pick up on Saturday between 12pm-4pm!

Covid restrictions Update!

The latest changes in the Covid Restrictions allow us to go back to in-house tastings! We are thrilled to have tastings again. And if the weather is great, you can sit on our beautiful terrace and enjoy the view!

We are open every Friday & Saturday 12pm-4pm or by appointment.

Deliveries & our online store

We are thrilled to have our online store -- a product of Covid back in 2020 when we had to pivot our business to reach out and continue to serve our valued customers. So many businesses had to do the same and come up with creative ways to continue to serve.

We hope you enjoy the experience and convenience of our online store and free local delivery. We have had a little fun by designing custom wine and cider packs for you. We curate a collection of products with a theme, and then we give it an even more special price point!

Please check out our online store here:


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