February 23, 2022 | Longer Days & Lobster Bisque!

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We are loving the longer days! More light inspires us to want to do more each day, and to be outside more. It gives us a positive feeling that brings us slowly out of our semi-hibernation! Hopefully you are taking advantage of these longer days and some of these warm sunny days here and there!

We were so pleased with our Lobster Roll & Lobster Pho Soup turn out last weekend! It was a perfect day! The great weather brought everyone out for drives and walks on the beach and, of course, a reason to stop by the winery for a tasting & some LOBSTER!

We are hoping for the same this weekend with our Lobster Bisque made by the Osprey Nest Pub! The Lobster Bisque is rich and creamy with lobster that goes on forever…. Come out & try some. 

Be sure to come & see us this Saturday, February 26 between 12pm-4pm!! 

We are also open for tastings every Friday & Saturday 12pm-4pm!!



Deliveries & Our Online Store

We are thrilled to have our online store -- a product of COVID back in 2020 -- where we had to pivot our business to be able to reach out and continue to serve our valued customers. So many businesses had to do the same and come up with creative ways to continue to serve. 

We hope you enjoy the experience and convenience of our online store and free local delivery. We have had fun designing custom wine and cider packs for you! We curate a collection of products with a theme, and then we give it an even more special price point. 

Please check out our online store here:

Shop All Petite Riviere Wines 


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