February 8, 2022 | Fun February, Storms & Chocolate!

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Fun February, Storms & Chocolate!

Well despite all the storms hitting us every weekend, hopefully this weekend will break the trend! It's looking like we may have some warmer temperatures & a little sunshine!  Which is great - so be sure to get out & enjoy a nice drive to the beach for a walk… You can also come to the winery and enjoy the terrace for a tasting & even grab a Take-Out Chocolate & Wine Pairing Pack to take home with you for an evening delight.

So February is going to be fun here in the South Shore with the Lobster Crawl happening & Valentine's upon us next week! Be sure to make some plans to take it all in…

Here is what we have going on: Our new release of our 2021 luscious Chocolate Port is here! Richer & more decadant than before….a Valentine's must have! :)

This year we are trying something new for our 10th annual Wine & Chocolate Tasting. We usually pack the house with wine & chocolate lovers, but this year we are offering the next best thing: Take-Out Wine & Chocolate Packs! You get 5 chocolates, 5 wines & a taste testing sheet to complete the experience.  

One pack is for Couples & the other pack is for a Group, for up to 6 people! We hope you will enjoy this experience. A great gift to share with those closest to you ….


Details of the pairing:  

  1. York St (milk chocolate, almond) with Three Churches of Mahone Bay White Wine- L’acadie Blanc & Vidal grapes- floral, pear, white peach, citrus, crisp
  2. Townsend St (milk chocolate and sea salt) with Lulu Rosé Wine- Leon Millot- lush bright, notes of cherries & red currants
  3. Kaulbach St (white chocolate with cranberry, pistachio & orange)  with BonBon Sparkling Cranberry & Apple Wine- Cranberry, lychee & grapefruit.
  4. Tannery St (dark chocolate, trail mix) with Crescent Moon Red Wine- light bodied, black cherry, soft earth & plum
  5. King St (dark chocolate, espresso) with Kissing Brook Red Wine- Estate Reserve- French oak, Cassis, cedar, spice & plum

Option 1:

Chocolate Bubble Pack- for up to 6 people. Contains 5x85 grams of assorted chocolates and 5 bottles of Wine for the pairing. Includes tasting sheet $149.99

Option 2:

Valentine Couple's Pack for 2. Contains 5x50 grams of assorted chocolates and 5 x 4oz of the pairing wines.

Includes tasting sheet $51.99

*ADD a bottle of our luscious Chocolate Port  for $20.

Place your order today!


Super Bowl is coming up this weekend!

NO matter what team you are rooting for, watching the game with the gang is always a good time - plus yummy snacks, wine & cider always make it that much more fun!

We hope you have plans to enjoy the Big Game with friends & family! We curated a couple special packs for the Big Game!

Check out our Sports Lovers Pack and our Super Cider Six Pack!




February is South Shore Lobster Crawl Month!

Can you believe it,  an entire month devoted to all things lobster!  There a so many

lobster events and dinner options for lobster here in the south shore!

See all the events happening here.

We of course had to be part of all the excitement & promote our amazing lobster season as well. 

We have 2 weekends dedicated to lobster Take-Out options!

Here is what we are offering for your lobster pleasure:


Lobster Roll or Lobster Pho Soup with Perry Cider! - Saturday, February 19th, 12pm-4pm

Black Forest Restaurant in Lunenburg created two great lobster dishes for you to enjoy! A delicious fresh Lobster Roll OR a sumptuous Lobster Pho Soup, both packed with flavour & Lobster! You can pick & choose which you want, or try both! These are take-out dinners and are available for pick-up at the winery. While you are here, we will include a bottle of Perry cider*!  

*Option to have wine instead of cider- speak to us at the winery!


Lobster Bisque & White Wine Dinner for 2! - Saturday, February 26th, 12pm-4pm

We have partnered up with Osprey's Nest, to bring you an amazing Lobster Bisque & Wine dinner! It includes 2 luscious bowls of Lobster Bisque, a baguette & a bottle of  Petite Riviere Wine*. This is a take-out event. No food available at the winery. 

Step 1: Order online

Step 2: Pick up wine from Petite Riviere Vineyards

Step 3: Pick up Lobster Bisque from Osprey's Nest

Step 4: Enjoy!

*Other Official Lobster Crawl Wines are also available- speak to us at the winery


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