June 1st, 2022 | Happy June!

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Petite L'Orange Label

June is a great month. So much happening as the nice weather warms up and cheers our spirits. We start our vegetable gardens and flowers are in bloom!  And we celebrate the first day of summer in June!

June 3rd is International Bicycle Day - a reminder of its help to the environment and how it can keep us fit! June is perfect for bike riding, with the slightly cooler breezes and the warm sun, get out before the humidity hits!

We love when cyclists visit the winery, it's a great pit stop if you're on a longer drive and need a rest on the terrace -- and a glass of wine can’t hurt!!

June is also the month we celebrate Dads everywhere! Keep an eye out for our fun plans for Father's Day! It will be a great opportunity to bring Dad out for a Road Trip on the South Shore and visit of the winery. We will have a few fun gift ideas as well.

The weekend of June 18 & 19!

We will also have a launch of the NEW vintage of our Petite L’Orange wine.  Come by and try a sample of it on the weekend of June 11 & 12!

Available in our shop & online NOW!

Winery Shop Hours:

Daily from 11am - 5pm


Katherine Fischer Concert

Regretfully cancelled. We apologize to anyone looking forward to this event!


Blueberry Cocktail

Blueberry Wine Cocktail

Looking to try something a little different? Try this cocktail recipe using our very own Blueberry Fruit Wine!

1 cup crushed ice
1 ½ oz vodka
2 oz Blueberry Wine
2 oz ginger ale water
Squeeze Lemon
Garnish with 4-6 blueberries

Mix ice, vodka, Blueberry Wine, ginger ale and a squeeze of lemon in a cocktail shaker. Pour into your favourite cocktail glass and garnish. ENJOY! Summer in glass!

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