June 22, 2022 | Summer Solstice ☀️

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June 21st marks Summer Solstice in 2022! The longest day of the year.  Meaning that here in the Northern Hemisphere, we have the most hours of sunlight on this day while the sun is at the most direct angle.

So enjoy these long summer days & maybe try our new Summer Sunset Wine Pack while taking it all in.

Lots happening in the Vineyard!

The vineyard is looking great, and we have just planted 1800 new vines last week.  This weather is ideal for the new plants -- a bit of rain and lots of sun! 

We are now suckering and tucking the vines into the catch wires. This allows for air flow through the vines & lets them receive more sunlight, thus giving energy to the developing clusters!

We make a point to not use any harmful chemicals in our vineyards. This is best for our plants, our wine, and our staff, as well as our neighbours, and all the surrounding animals. 

We spray only Bio- Sprays in the vineyard. They are based on essential oils, healthy bacteria that eat fungus, and baking soda.  We do not spray insecticides, instead we use Integrated Pest Management and use mechanical and biological control if the thresholds are passed.

Our garden is coming along and the lavender is starting to bud. It will be ready to harvest mid-July in time for our Weekend in Provence! July 16 & 17. 

We will  have a concert with Donald McLennan performing French Manouche music on the 17th -- our 4th year for this fun filled event!

Summer Hours & Ultimate Tour

Our Wine Shop & tasting Room is open DAILY 11am-5pm!

Our Ultimate Tours have started for the season! They have been said to be the most informative tours people have had at a vineyard and winery. We take you to the vineyard, talk about the history of the area, and explain how grapes grow.  Then we discuss the harvest, the cellar, and the wine making process. 

The tour finishes with a wine tasting of 5 wines, along with some nuts, cheeses, charcuterie, and chocolate to discuss how to pair wine and food. 

TOURS are noon on Friday, Saturday & Sundays. *We can also accommodate a tour on another day, just call or email us with your details

All this for $25 per person. Be sure to book at least 24 hours ahead of time. Call or email us at 902-693-3033 or info@petiterivierevineyards.ca


We would like to congratulate Benjamin Bridge on  their new Glooscap First Nations Rosé wine. A wine of peace & friendship. A reflective & graceful nod to the National Indigenous People’s day.

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