June 3rd - Newsletter

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NS is Open and We are Open for the Season

Well, we have been open since January, but you know what I mean. Our terrace will be open for tasting services on Thursday, June 3rd. We are going to maintain the Thursday to Sunday schedule until the end of this first two week period. As of right now this weekend is the last for 12-4pm as we are going to expand our hours from 11am-5pm.

So here we go. For the next two weeks.
Open Hours
June 3-7 - Thursday - Sunday - 11-5
June 10-13 - Thursday - Sunday - 11-5

Then we will see, but opening to 7-days a week is our next and final step. 
June will be an exciting month for all of us and the winery will be part of it all. 
Next week we will roll-out our first new product, a re-imagined Bon Bon. Its is just remarkable and will be a fun deck sipper all summer long. It is also on the NSLC shelves in the larger stores that have Port of Wine sections. 

We are continuing our front line worker give-away until the 12th, so honor someone you know and say thank-you. We will shower them with Petite love to complete the gift. So far the program has gone really well and our team will be providing a lot of free tours this summer.

Meet Michael

Speaking of people, we have hired a new wine shop manager. Please say hi and welcome Michael Glamsch to our vineyard and broader community. 

Michael is a former hotelier and wine educator, so he is a great fit to the job and has already demonstrated his leadership. 

He and his wife, Pia, moved to our area last year from BC. So another win for Nova Scotia. Good Choice Michael! Welcome to the Best Coast!

Father Day Packs & Fun

We designed a couple of packs for Father’s Day to make weeks prior to the big day a bit more fun. Give them a try, they are nicely designed and full of delicious wines. 



We will have a father’s Day weekend. So circle a visit and hang out on our stone terrace.

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