March 10 Newsletter

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Heroes Amongst US 

This international women’s week feels different. The first full year of this new decade, a strange year for sure, was also a remarkable breakout year for women leaders and yet a year of interruption for many careers. 

Not surprisingly, women have stepped up in the crisis. And today, we will honour a woman as our Covid Hero of the Year.  I hope you are not still guessing who, as there is only one name on the shortlist. But more broadly, it feels like we are following a year in which women said enough, are finding their voice and taking charge. 

In particular, women have stepped into more political leadership roles. We don’t have to look farther than MODL Council, overhauled with both female and a generational transition. The same happened in the City of Halifax Council and on numerous boards across our Province.  It is a strong and vital moment; please help where you can.

Our hero of the year is Br. Lisa Barrett. A fine NFLDer, and Professor an Infectious disease expert at dal, she stepped in at a crucial time and convinced the Province to begin testing where there were no disease symptoms. In doing so, they reversed the covid case number increases in the Halifax region in December. That could easily have gotten out of hand. She then went on to build a testing program that is the envy of everywhere else. She has made herself available to the media and explained to us everyday folks what all the other experts were saying. She allowed us to feel informed and safe. She made a big difference. 

We tend to honour people for doing their job well. I am sure the good Doctor is good at her job. But this wasn’t her job! The person who goes beyond her position and does what needs to be done because it is the right thing to do; that the person we like to honour. 

New Wine Shop Manager

We have begun recruiting for the 2021 season and are starting with our key Wine Shop Manager role. It involves much more than the wine shop. It is an excellent career opportunity for someone looking for more responsibility, become a wine expert, meet a few thousand old and new friends per year and practice the art of providing the experience of serenity while hosting stagettes, wedding, birthday parties, anniversaries, live music, the best winery tour In the Province and every type of customer request.  Nova Scotia Wine with a touch of France.  

This week we are introducing the March Break Pass pack. It is a nice pack if you can get it, and you can get it if you try. The late George Gershwin had a song with most of those words. I heard Willie Nelson sing it live once. Pretty sweet.


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