March 16, 2022 | March Break & St Paddy’s Day!

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Field of Clovers for St. Patrick's Day

Here we are in the middle of March break -- and some of us are still getting used to the time change!

We hope everyone is enjoying the time off with family! There is lots to do in our beautiful province for those who did not travel out of province this March break.

And don’t forget to celebrate tomorrow for St Paddy’s Day! Even if you're staying home with family and friends, enjoying some corned beef & cabbage with an ice-cold cider! OR join the fun at some local pubs! Cheers!🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀
PS - it is not too late to order our St. Paddy’s Cider Pack! Two Ship Builders Wild Fermented Ciders, 2 Sid's Crisp Apple Cider, and 2 Sid's Perry Ciders for $68.99!

Remember, we are open now every Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 11am-5pm. Enjoy a tasting or sit on the terrace and enjoy the view!

March is Red Wine Month

We are still celebrating March as our Red Wine Month! We have created a Winemaker’s Red Wine Pack for you to take home and enjoy. Plus, when you come to visit the wine shop, you will be able to enjoy a complimentary tasting of the Winemaker’s Pack.

We have other great promotions for our red wines this month as well. Check out our red wine case specials!

I hope you read our detailed red wine blog on red grape varietals & their flavour profiles, as well as our terroir and what our wines are like.

Read the Red Wine Blog Here

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