March 3, 2022 | Goodbye Winter Blues, Hello Red Wine Month!

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Image shows our winemaker Christian Perlat pruning the vines.

Red Wine Month

That’s right, we are featuring our red wines this month. We want to tell you all about our red wines; what varieties they are made from; what processes our winemaker uses to make each varietal; what differentiates them from each other & what makes them unique here in the terroir of the South Shore.

We do several red wines here at Petite Riviere, most are made from different single varieties and 2 are blends. For instance we grow 6 red wine grape  varieties here; Lucie Kuhlmann, Leon Millot, Baco Noir, Triomphe D’Alsace, Petite Pearl & Maréchal Joffre.  These are all from our vineyards and we purchase grape from growers in the South Shore, for instance Maréchal Foch is from a local grower.

Here is a selection of Red Wines our Winemaker, Christian Perlat, has put together for you showing a variety of wine styles & grape varieties grown here in the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

Christian is from a multi generation family of wine making in the Burgundy region of France. He & his wife have worked together in several areas in France, New Zealand & west coast of Canada, before coming to Nova Scotia. He loves the terroir here on the south shore.

The soils here consist of morainal material deposited by glacial ice: a mixture of boulders, sand, silt and clay providing good drainage and healthy root stock. The grape vine works harder to create a perfect intense fruit forward grape cluster. Here we use lower yielding varieties to produce smaller quantities of better wine.


Our Winemaker’s Pack consists of 4 wines; Crescent Moon, Three Churches Red, Kissing Brook, Old Lucie.

Crescent Moon 2018

Made from 100% Leon Millot. It is done by carbonic maceration method of fermentation and from wild indigenous yeast. This makes it very fruit forward, lots of bright cherry notes. It is then cold stabilized and aged in American neutral barrels for 12 months. Vin de la Clape winemaking process. 

Three Churches Red Wine 2019 

Made from 100% Maréchal Foch grapes. Controlled fermentation with a specially selected commercial yeast. 12 months in American neutral oak barrels. Natural smokey, earthy, red fruit notes come through this wine.

Kissing Brook 2017

Grapes come from our estate Drumlin Hill vineyard. The name Kissing Brook comes from a brook at the bottom of the vineyard. There are 5 varieties of grapes used in this wine; Leon Millot, Baco Noir, Triomphe D’Alsace, Petite Pearl & Maréchal Joffre. Wild Fermentation and then carbonic maceration until 70% of the fermentation is complete, then the grapes are pressed & complete the fermentation on the juice. Aged in French oak barrels for 18-22 months, a Côtes du Rhône winemaking process. This wine shows red & black fruit, plum & cassis with elegant tannins.

Old Lucie 2017

Grapes come from old vines of Lucie Kuhlmann grapes from an estate vineyard on a drumlin hill. Wild fermentation, 100% carbonic maceration process.  French oak barrels for 18-22 months. Corbières winemaking process. Intense fruit forward notes of black cherry & cassis with forward tannins & lingering finish.


Opening up in Nova Scotia

It is both exciting for everyone and still a touch of caution when we hear restrictions are opening up here in Nova Scotia. We can all approach it at our own pace and comfort level. 

Some will be traveling after not going anywhere for 2 years and some will continue to explore our beautiful province.

We will start opening up our hours starting next weekend and we will be open from Friday to Sunday 11-5pm

You can come enjoy a tasting, sit on our beautiful south facing warm terrace and take in the views. 

We look forward to seeing you here & we will be offering our COMPLIMENTARY Winemaker’s Red Wine tasting flight for the month of March!

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