March 30, 2022 | A Walk in the Park

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Take a Walk in Park Day

A Walk In The Park

Well today, March 30th, is 'Take a Walk in a Park Day'. This is a great idea anytime!  

The best thing we can do for ourselves is to look after our health, and exercise is a great start! This matters especially now as we come out of this pandemic and try to get back to a ‘normal’ routine.  

So much has changed over the past couple of years, so finding ways to recharge and reconnect with friends and family is key right now. Being out in fresh air clears our heads and recharges us. 

So get out in nature, get some fresh air, call a friend, and get them out for a walk as well.  

Let's make it 'Take a Walk in the Park' month!


We're Ready For Blossoms!

As you take your walks this spring or start working in your garden, enjoy the new blossoms coming up from the ground or on the trees. 

We were so inspired by this spring, that we curated a Blossom Pack. It has our freshest bright wines that will refresh you after any walk you take!

It includes a bottle of BonBon, Bellissimo, Mimi & Three Churches of Mahone Bay White.

Regularly priced at $72.99, our Blossom Pack is on Special for just $64.99!


April Fool's Day

This Friday is April Fool's Day. Are you the type to pull pranks on friends and colleagues? Did you know that babies born on March 31st are the easiest to prank on April Fool's Day? They were literally born yesterday! 🤣

We have an April Fool's Day Pack for you to enjoy after a day of jokes and pranks. This is no joke!

It includes a bottle of Henri Rosé, a bottle of our Blueberry wine & Cranberry wine as well as a bottle of our Three Churches of Mahone Bay Red!! Something for everyone!

Regularly priced at $63.99, our April Fool's Day Pack is on Special for just $53.99!


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