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Passover/Easter _ Time for Family & Friends

Take advantage of this moment; call your family, get together. Call your friends and get together. NS has near perfect reporting and new cases seem solely based on travel.

There is a great scene in the movie Field of Dreams, a famous movie where a character played by Kevin Coster builds a baseball field in an Iowa cornfield and magic happens. In the scene, a young start of the movie gets his lifetime wish of an at bat against a major league pitcher. The kid said if he got the chance, he would wink at the pitcher and this plays out in the movie. The pitcher, true to baseball unwritten rules, promptly throws the ball at the young man's head, called “in his ear”, not once, but two pitches in a row.

This causes one of the film's stars, Ray Liotta who is playing Shoeless Joe Jackson to call timeout and have this exchange with the young batter. “He just threw at your ear twice in a row. He is not going to want to load the bases, where will the next pitch be thrown.” The kid responds, “Low and away.” Liotta gives one of his thoughtful looks and big laughs and says, “yes, but don’t forget about in your ear”.

It seems that is also wise advice for enjoying the weekend but maintaining a guard against Covid. The rest of the world and much of Canada is now in the midst of a third wave and this will turn out to be a very difficult period for many.

We are so lucky and yet a third wave could arrive any week to our shores, it most likely-certainly will. I suggest we play until it does, but play with some regard for the health of others.

Come visit: Hours this week- Not Open on Friday

We are open on Saturday and Sunday 12-4. The weather looks half decent for early April.
Let’s get out and enjoy it.
We will be closed on Good Friday.

By the way, we deliver right to your home or office from Liverpool to Halifax to Kentville.

2021 Customer Appreciation Card

Easter isn’t a traditional gifting weekend, but you could surprise someone with a gift that keeps on giving. 10% off for the rest of the year.


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