March 5th - Newsletter

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Cold Week but a Warm home Fire

We will take a break for our Covid hero Recognition to acknowledge and almost tragedy and rejoice in the safe trip home for the 31 fishers on Board the Atlantic Destiny. To hear the American Helicopter crew, rescuing all the fishers, without any serious injury, in those conditions, was something akin to a miracle.

And then again, it represents what we might call progress. Its professional fishers that know their job know the safety drills, are trained in the skills and committed to the task.  It is equipment, there when you need it, used correctly, that performs as advertised. It's about technology and people on both sides of the border, innovations created, assembled into sophisticated rescue gear and crews trained in its use. And most importantly, it is about community, everyone close game to help, and it was everyone's help that made the difference.

31 souls returned home to their South Shore fires, the warmth of their families and a relieved community.

Heroes are everywhere. Let's all be grateful

Anyone need a Shot in the Arm

On the covid front, we seem in a race to arm shots. We are racing against variant mutations to the original Covid 19 virus. 

Please keep your head down and stick to the guidelines. We can be out of this before summer but be careful; these new variants are different; they spread faster and lead to more difficult illnesses, more often. We might be close to the end or whatever is next, but you don't want this disease. 

Need to Get South and Can't Find a Plane Ride

This week we will be opening our sun deck. Hard to imagine with the wind chills that a sun deck can be warm. But our around-the-corner terrace has first a hill, then trees and then a building blocking the elements. The vista faces south, and the sun bakes. The corner garden is a cacti garden. 

We are still open! 12-4 Friday-Sunday. Our place is safe, and we just changed some protocols a wee bit to enhance the safety and open indoor and outdoor tastings. 

We figure that there will be 30 days of plus 15-degree weather between now and black fly season. And you don't need 15 degrees to get your face tanned and feel warm. 

To measure, the deck usually is 8 degrees warmer than Halifax weather and 3-5 degrees warmer than local weather. You see a forecast of 5 degrees in Halifax, and it will likely be warm enough to tan. We have blankets, and of course, we have wine, cider, ports, a beautiful aperitif. 

We've got just the liquid to make you feel warm, too!

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