May 11, 2022 | No Mow May! 🐝🌺

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No Mow May

We have been partaking in the No Mow May movement for a couple of years now. This movement started in Bee City, USA around 2020. The concept has been practised much earlier by many proactive bee activists.

The idea is to allow for habitation for our bees, butterflies, moths, and other pollinators. Our manicured lawns do not allow for bees to thrive and for floral species to flourish. The over manicured lawn has become a sign of hard work and pride, with a lot of fertilizing, chemical treatments and watering. Where the lawn with dandelions and overgrowth had become a sign of incompetence and laziness.

No Mow May allows you to do less, and let the bees and other pollinators flourish and do all the work. Allowing many species to thrive and many flowers to become habitants for them. A lawn or park that is not mowed -- especially early in the season -- allows for many species of bees and flowers to be up to three times more abundant. Even in peak season, mowing every other week can still maintain the abundance of bees and flowers in our yards and green spaces.  

We can let our lawns become more natural green spaces for these ever so important pollinators to thrive and help our planet one lawn at a time!  

We are partaking in No Mow May again this year, so enjoy the view of our vineyard in its more natural state, as we allow the bees and flowers to flourish. Our winery gardens also benefit from this as will our neighbours and other natural gardeners in our community. 


Events on the South Shore

We will soon be having the official launch of our NEW Chardonnay wine!
Stayed tuned for more details next week!

Also, Ship Builder’s Cider will be participating in the Appleseed Cider Festival in Mahone Bay, May 14, 1pm-9pm.

Then on May 21, Ship Builder’s will be at the Beer & Cider festival in Bridgewater at the LCLC! Not to be missed!


Full Moon in May: May 15-16 Flower Moon

Did you know the full moon in May is known as the Flower Moon? It is happening this coming weekend, May 15-16 -- with a Lunar eclipse as well. It's a time when flowers start to blossom and bloom with the help of the warming sun. Also signifying energy, growth, and creativity for us humans. 



Farmers Markets

We love our Farmers Markets! They are always a great way to meet a new community and to allow for our products to be conveniently enjoyed by them.

We will be doing farmer’s markets in Truro,  New Glasgow,  Antigonish, Halifax, and Bridgewater.

We are currently looking for inspired people who would like to represent our products at these Farmers Markets!

Please contact us if you are interested. or call 902-693-3033

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