May 12th - Newsletter

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Stay Safe - Parking Lot Pickup - Free Home Delivery

Hi folks,

It is not looking good on the NS Covid case count. Let’s be extra careful this week. These variants are dangerous.

We are going to remain closed to the public for inside service. We will be open on Friday and Saturday 12- 4 for parking lot pick-up.

When you arrive, just call the number on the board and we will deliver it to your car. The garden is coming to life, feel free to walk around and get some fresh air. Or just stay in the car if you feel safer.

We will place your order into your trunk and provide contact less service.

Use our online store, call our phone, email, or message us. We will help you get exactly what you want. 

If you don’t have time to come pick it up, we will deliver it to your home or office. 

From Liverpool to Halifax and from Musquodoboit Harbour to Kentville we offer FREE delivery.  We cover a lot of ground, but we do not travel ourselves out of our municipality. We have local people, and inventory in each location and are now experts at safe delivery.

Front Line Worker Support

We could be in this for sometime to come. Let's hope it is not too long. Of particular note, while we are all at home, our front-line workers are once again risking their health to serve our province. 

Our Customer Appreciation Card promotion ended on Mother's Day. We want to thank all the participants. As part of the special club, we invite you to identify a front-line worker you want to honor. 

It is unlikely we will conduct winery tours anytime soon,  we thought we might give some away for later this summer. Well, actually, we thought we would let you do the giving away. 

They say that having something to look forward to is a healthy distraction from the day-to-day grind of life. Remember planning vacations! It was  almost as fun as the vacation itself.  

Follow this link and you can give away a tour for four to any front-line worker you like, maybe a nurse doing home care, a hospital team member, a member of a Doctors office, someone behind a counter in our grocery stores. There is no limit. You select the person and we will send a certificate. 

Stay safe everyone. 

Kristen Martell Concert of the 22nd of May will be rescheduled

We regret that Kristen’s show is being deferred. Kristen is disappointed as she was really looking forward to it. She has a very busy summer planned and we certainly hope all our musicians are out working full time this summer. I suspect they need to be back on stage, and I feel we all need to be clapping hands and calling for an encore.

Personally, I am looking forward to songwriting creativity that this panic and slow down has created. It is something for us all to look forward to.

We are working on a new date and will get it out there when the third wave subsides. In the meantime, I know this place that sells cider and wine….

Virtually hug every artists you meet!

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