May 21st - Newsletter

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Cruise Route 331 We are Opening for Visitors Thur-Sun 12-4

We are going to open our place for deck services. That doesn’t mean we can serve you a glass, that is a few weeks out. But we open up for visits and purchases under a tent on the deck. 

And our grounds will be open for you to stroll. It is a remarkable time in the vineyard, all this heat has it on the edge of what we call bud-break. When the bud, holding the early leaf and three tiny clusters of grape, is bulging and suddenly breaks out. It is birth, nature’s most beautiful expression 

Come see it.

Our premier is asking everyone to stay the course and be safe. He also said to get out for a drive and be in nature. They say a half hour in nature is worth 1-2 hrs of yoga to a sport and 3-hours of TV. 

How about a trip down Route 331?

It is one of NS’s hidden gems, the LaHave is pricelessly beautiful, the islands are as unique even from each other and the beaches of Green Bay have their own magic. What do these beaches do for you? Lahave Bakery, The General store and our winery are open. The Osprey Nest Public House is open for takeout. Ploughman’s lunch is doing deliveries. 

There is so much going on it is almost dizzy. We can’t promise you a rainbow, but they are happening almost everyday. Let’s embrace the bright side, if you need to hang out within our own community, we made such a good choice. 

On the other bright side, this may be the last few weeks of ever being shut down again. Let’s agree to retire the expression.

Front Line Worker Celebration

We are launching our Front-Line worker celebration. We are offering you the opportunity to provide a front line worker with a gift from you, curtesy of us.
They certainly deserve it. These are not easy times to work directly with the public, Trying to provide for their safety, provide excellent service, recognizing that most people are not at their best, and caring for yourself so you can safely return to your home and family.  

We give a pretty good tour, we model it after a tour in Napa Valley and the incredible winery of Mondavi. People often clap with gratitude. Our staff are only allowed to give one tour a week, so they bring their very best a-game. It is fun. 
When we are allowed this summer, we will give the best tour ever to the very people that held our province together.  You do the gifting, we will do the giving from both of us. The link below will get it done:

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