May 26th - Newsletter

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Tent on The Terrace - Safe & Simple Service

What beautiful weather. The beaches are amazing to stoll, powerwalk, run or bike. Get outside and have some fun. 

At the winery, we are outside and we are having fun. We are spending time on our gardens, with the intent on expanding them around the backside of our hill. Things have certainly come alive in the last few weeks. 

On our terrace we have created a tented service for you to privately shop and relax while enjoying the outdoor fresh air. It is safe and simple. 

Last weekend we worked on our newest protocol and this week we will be training our team and preparing for 7-day a week service. 

This weekend we will be open Thursday to Sunday from 12-4. Feel free to drop in. 

We are doing free home delivery all days including Sunday as we lead up to Fathers Day. 

Ordering is simple, you can use our online store, or simply call the wine shop at 902-693-3033, or send us a FaceBook message or email us at

The Tent on the Terrace Safe Simple Services is open!

Big Father’s Day 2021

We need a celebration so let's start planning early. 

Let’s hope we have fewer restrictions by then. Our suggestion is to make a big plan and expect it to be multi-location. Various parts of the family in different houses but all honouring the family. 

It is Father’s Day on June 20, but we suggest celebrating missed birthdays and Mom’s day if you didn’t get to enjoy in her regular style. 

I expect by that week, most people will have their first Vaccine and we will be shooting people up with their second dose. I be the second dose will take half the time as the first dose and by early August, we will all be dancing on the beach. 

If everyday is getting better, after all we have been through; we can handle the rest of it. 

Let’s plaster a big smile on our faces and get serious about some big fun ahead.

Petite Rivière Rosé Trio all at NSLC

The first year we made a rosé, I asked the question, do you think we have enough grapes to make a rosé. I was told we were making a rosé. You know what being told is like. Yeah exactly like that.

Then Christian Perlat came to our winery with his Loire Valley pedigree and 200-years family history of wine making and soon the little winery in Petite was crafting more rosé. First came Mimi, a sparkling rosé, now one of our best selling wines. Finally, two years ago came Henri, lush and fruit forward, who not only completed our Rosé Trio, and lent his image to our signage. 

Over these same years, the NSLC brought out a spring rosé promotions where center aisle Rose from around the world, were displayed like Christmas day. 

This year we are excited to announce that it has all come together. Our Rosé Trio is all on display at the NSLC at the same time. 

All three of these rosé are saignee method, meaning they are made 100% from the early juice of red grapes. It is a little more work, but it makes the most authentic rose flavour expressions and adds an additional concentrated grape juice for red wine production.

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