March 18th - Newsletter

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Petite Rivière Coloring World Championship

Day 3 of the Coloring World Championship is under way. With categories for 10 years old and young and for over 10 years old, we will have two winners. As of the end of Tuesday, the front runner in the over 10 Category was a 12-year-old dog I am sure you can guess her name. Now it will take serious judging to sort out the entrants. 

Participation is free, all materials are supplied. You get to take home your crayons. Participants color onsite, in our safe, clean entertainment room with all the safety and social distancing applied. 

Entries go on the wall for the rest of the month and the winners will be framed and provided a center locale for the year. 

Customer Appreciation Card 2021 Now Available.

It is back, after last years success we are introducing the Customer Appreciation Card.  With every purchase between March 20 and April 24, every customer will receive a 10% off that purchase and every other purchase they make in the 2021 year. That is right, 10% off the whole year. 

With our new automated and integrated systems, whether you buy at our Wine Shop or our Online Store, the discount will be applied automatically. 

March Break Pack

Don’t forget to pick your speciality designed March Break Pack Wine and Ciders. 

It is not too late, without free home delivery, we can get it to you any day. That service is available from Kentville to Halifax and Halifax to Liverpool. 

This service and those customers purchasing through our online store have made the difference for us in the past year. So, a quick shout out to the technically inclined and convenience motivated. WE APPRECIATE YOU!

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