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Mother’s Day - Feel the Love

We may not all be able to visit our Moms or be together with our families like we may have last year, err...2019. And we have some trouble navigating safely. There are lots of new Covid cases. Hopefully, it will begin to subside soon, but it is too early to tell. Please be careful, 

Mother’s Day is a great mental place for most people and families. We need it, Make sure you reach out to your Mom and maybe someone else that is missing their Mom, or without their family around. It is a tough time for many people, let’s not assume our friends are OK. Let’s give them a call and have a chat. One call can make someone day and probably yours as well. 

The weather is so beautiful. The grass in Petite is full green, the vineyard is almost glistening. The plant is looking healthy and received its feed of nutrients this week.  We had a nice sprinkle of rain last even, just enough to sink in their food. 

It is May 5th and the plant is 2-3 weeks ahead, bud break is not far off and the June full moon is way out on the 24th. The plant needs more of these cold evenings and maybe a bit less heat for a few weeks. The humans need the sunshine. 

Head to Rissers or Crescent Beach for a stroll on the beach.  Maybe you will see a rainbow like this one last evening.

Mother’s Day Cake on Saturday

A Treat for Mom!!  Drop by the deck on Saturday and take home some Mothers Day Dessert. Our friends at Old Black Forest have put together a special treat. Drop by to pick up, it will be completely touchless and safely distant with no risk to anyone. 
$6 each choice.
  • Streusel Cake-Sunday Silence Espresso with Salted Caramel
  • Raspberry Chocolate Ganache tart with cookie crust

  • I hear it will be delicious. It is not widely known but there are wine styles that match with cake. Let our wine gurus help you out. :)
    Bob & the Boys are supposed to open Thursday, Ploughmans’ Lunch is doing Friday home delivery, the Nest and Blarney Stone are doing pickup take-out, and the Petite General Store and Lahave Bakery are open regular hours, with customer limits. Lot’s of studios are open with Patron limits. We are supposed to be staying in our own communities, so pay heed to the health orders.

    Parking Lot pickup - Free Home Delivery

    We are keeping our place closed. Last week we were told it was OK to open but we think safety is better than sorry. So, we will wait it out. In the meantime, it is parking lot pickup on Friday and Saturday 12-4 and Free Home Delivery every day but Sunday. And if you need a special someone surprised on this Sunday, we might be able to handle it. 

    Parking lot pickup is a breeze. It is like visiting the winery, see the vineyards, soaking in the view; but all you do is call the number on the parking lot sign and we place the product in your truck and close it for you. So quick you might miss the view. 

    We have some pack specials including two Mother day packs. These have sold well and we are very grateful for the support. For farmers spring is often the most expensive time of year as you prepare the farm and wait for things to grow. Of course our growing is for future years but the tending to the vineyards is a real joy and serious efforts. Of, course, this time of year we are bottling like mad. I understand the Petite L’Orange is up next. 

    Here is a spoiler alert, ShipBuilders is preparing a Perry for its next small lot cider, as all ShipBuilders and Sid’s products it is made from 100% NS fruit. Of course the rave right now is the Moscato.

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