Back to School Pack - 6 Bottles

Back to School Pack - 6 Bottles

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Shipping from our Petite Riviere, Nova Scotia vineyard. 🍇

Start off the new school year with a refreshing pack of fruit forward, yet sophisticated wines and ciders. 


  • Sid's Crisp Apple Cider (x2)
  • Blueberry Wine (x2)
  • BonBon (x2)


Sid's Crisp Apple Cider

Made from 100% freshly pressed Nova Scotia apples, Sid's Crisp Apple cider has a bright, crisp apple flavour -- just like biting into a fresh apple. Tart and juicy, and very refreshing!


Blueberry Wine

Off-dry blueberry fruit wine

GRAPE: Nova Scotia wild blueberries

AROMA: pomegranate, cranberry & cherry lollipop 

TASTE: fresh blueberry, tannins & spice 

ENJOY: chilled as an aperitif

7% ALC./VOL.  750ml. 



Sparkling frizzante-style cranberry & apple wine

GRAPE: Cranberry, New York Muscat & apple

AROMA: cranberry, orange blossom, fruit cocktail, lychee & pink grapefruit

TASTE: cranberry, apple, lychee & grapefruit

GOES WELL WITH: charcuterie boards with firm cheeses or a bowl of popcorn

10% ALC./VOL.  750ml.

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