Cozy by the Fire Pack - 6 Bottles

Cozy by the Fire Pack - 6 Bottles

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Shipping from our Petite Riviere, Nova Scotia vineyard. 🍇

When it's chilly outside, be sure to get comfy by the fire with this pack of delicious wines sure to warm you up!



  • Crescent Moon (x2)
  • Italy Cross - Drumlin Series (x2)
  • Mighty Maroon Port
  • Lulu


Crescent Moon

Light bodied red wine

GRAPE: Leon Millot

AROMA: black cherry, raspberry, plum with notes of cedar

TASTE: fresh red fruit, soft spice & tannins

AGING: barrel-aged for nine months

GOES WELL WITH: chicken tagine or roast duck with plum sauce

12% ALC./VOL.  750ml. 


Italy Cross

Estate reserve red wine

GRAPE: Lucie Kuhlmann & Leon Millot

AROMA: violets, spice, black cherries & cassis

TASTE: violets, spice, black cherries, cassis & well integrated tannins

AGING: barrel-aged in French Oak for 19 months

GOES WELL WITH: Osso Buco with saffron risotto or rustic pasta dishes

13% ALC./VOL.  750ml.


Mighty Maroon Port

Port-style fortified wine

GRAPE: Lucie Kuhlmann & Leon Millot

AROMA: cassis, figs & spice

TASTE: Luxurious cassis, figs, spice, & tobacco with rich full finish

AGING: barrel-aged for 12 months in French Oak, then bottle aged for five years

GOES WELL WITH: mature cheese, pâté, or berry and chocolate based desserts

20% ALC./VOL.  500ml.



Medium bodied dry rosé wine

GRAPE: Leon Millot 

AROMA: strawberry & cherry

TASTE: strawberry, cherry & pink grapefruit

GOES WELL WITH: charcuterie boards with bold cheeses or BBQ dishes

12% ALC./VOL.  750ml.

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