Fresh Start Pack - 4 Bottles

Fresh Start Pack - 4 Bottles

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Shipping from our Petite Riviere, Nova Scotia vineyard. 🍇

A fruit forward pack choice! Our Blueberry Wine is made with real blueberries, which are full of antioxidants, and the Perry Cider is light, low in sugar, and packed with polyphenols!



  • Blueberry Wine (x2)
  • Sid's Perry Cider (x2)


Blueberry Wine

Off-dry blueberry fruit wine

GRAPE: Nova Scotia wild blueberries

AROMA: pomegranate, cranberry & cherry lollipop 

TASTE: fresh blueberry, tannins & spice 

ENJOY: chilled as an aperitif 

7% ALC./VOL.  750ml. 


Sid's Perry Cider

Our pear cider is refreshing, light, and delicious. Perry is medium-dry with hints of ripe apple, stone fruit, and Meyer lemon. 

7% ALC./VOL.   750ml.

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