Summer Sunset Pack - 4 Bottles

Summer Sunset Pack - 4 Bottles

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Shipping from our Petite Riviere, Nova Scotia vineyard. 🍇

With vibrant hues like the summer sky at sunset, this pack is beautiful and delicious. Our latest vintage of Petite L'Orange and our new Chardonnay, in a pack with favourites Mimi and Bellissimo.


  • Mimi
  • Chardonnay
  • Petite L'Orange
  • Bellissimo



Sparkling frizzante-style dry rosé wine

GRAPE: Maréchal Foch, Leon Millot, Baco Noir, & Lucie Kuhlmann

AROMA: orange blossom, soft strawberry, dried fruit & brioche

TASTE: orange blossom, soft strawberry, dried fruit & brioche

GOES WELL WITH: creamy cheeses, risotto, or duck confit

 10% ALC./VOL.  750ml.



Dry white wine

GRAPE: Chardonnay

AROMA: lemon zest, green apple, pear, with a hint of pineapple

TASTE: ripe apple, Meyer lemon & white peach

GOES WELL WITH: fresh seafood such as steamed mussels with garlic, or pan seared scallops

12% ALC./VOL 750ml.


Petite L'Orange

Skin-contact white wine

GRAPE: L’Acadie Blanc, Cayuga & Frontenac Gris

AROMA: vibrant notes of dried fruit, honey, linseed oil & sourdough

TASTE: bright and acidic with honeyed pear, lemon rinds, apricots, hazelnuts & notable tannins

AGING:  Aged for three months with the skin

GOES WELL WITH: charcuterie boards with bold cheeses & nuts

10.4% ALC./VOL.  750ml.



Sparkling frizzante-style apple & peach wine

-- 2015 Atlantic Canadian Wine Awards Gold Medal Winner --

GRAPE: Seyval blanc, apple & peaches

AROMA: peach, honeysuckle, angel food cake & grapefruit

TASTE: peach, honeysuckle, angel food cake & grapefruit

GOES WELL WITH: brunch foods such as quiche or salad

 11% ALC./VOL.  750ml.

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