Unsinkable Old World Cider Pack

Unsinkable Old World Cider Pack

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Shipping from our Petite Riviere, Nova Scotia vineyard. 🍇

In this pack you'll receive:

2 Shipbuilders Dry 750ml
2 Shipbuilders Army 750ml

Ship Builders Dry Craft Cider

Is a light, effervescent dry cider steeped in Nova Scotia's cider tradition. This is an authentic, crisp  and refreshing sparkling cider.


Ship Builders Army Cider

Is a specialty, small-lot artisinal cider made with Bavarian yeast, soft spice notes with ripe apple & hints of tropical fruit on the nose. Notes of fresh yellow, red apples and citrus with  hint of banana & spices on the palette. Nice acidity with a dry finish. 

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