BBQ Pack - 4 Bottles

BBQ Pack - 4 Bottles

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Shipping from our Petite Riviere, Nova Scotia vineyard. 🍇

A selection of red wines, white wines and cider, the perfect pack for get togethers over the grill!



  • Henri
  • Three Churches of Mahone Bay Red
  • Sid's Crisp Apple Cider
  • Old Lucie - Drumlin Series



Medium bodied off-dry rosé wine

GRAPE: Leon Millot

AROMA: fresh strawberries & stewed cherry confection

TASTE: strawberries & minerality with cherry confectionery

GOES WELL WITH: charcuterie boards with soft cheeses

11.5% ALC./VOL.  750ml.


Three Churches of Mahone Bay Red

Rich red wine

GRAPE:  Marechal Foch 

AROMA: rich notes of black cherry, dried fruit, spice & tobacco with earth notes

TASTE:  rich notes of black cherry, cassis, spice & tobacco

AGING: barrel-aged in French Oak for 12 months

GOES WELL WITH: lamb shanks, foraged mushrooms & herb risotto

11% ALC./VOL.  750ml.


Sid's Crisp Apple Cider

Made from 100% freshly pressed Nova Scotia apples, Sid's Crisp Apple cider has a bright, crisp apple flavour -- just like biting into a fresh apple. Tart and juicy, and very refreshing! 

6.5% ALC./VOL.  750ml.


Old Lucie - Drumlin Series

Estate reserve full-bodied red wine

GRAPE:  Lucie Kuhlmann

AROMA: spice, black fruit with some leather and earth components

TASTE: spice, cassis & plums

AGING: barrel-aged in French Oak for 20 months

GOES WELL WITH: braised meats with creamy truffled polenta

13% ALC./VOL.  750ml.