Melting Pack - 3 Bottles

Melting Pack - 3 Bottles

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Shipping from our Petite Riviere, Nova Scotia vineyard. 🍇

Come in from the cold and melt away the winter chill with our Melting Pack! Two delicious, rich, and warming ports with our signature apéritif. 



  • Petite Apéritif 
  • Chocolate Port
  • Mighty Maroon Port


Petite Apéritif

Fortified aromatized red wine

GRAPE: Lucie Kuhlmann & Leon Millot

AROMA: sweet warm baking spices, red berries, cinchona bark & bitter orange

TASTE: complex, dried red fruit with sweet warm spices, cinchona bark & bitter orange finish

AGING: neutral barrels for nine months

ENJOY: use in cocktails such as Manhattans or on ice with orange slice

15% ALC./VOL.  500ml. 


Chocolate Port

Smooth and rich fortified wine

GRAPE: Leon Millot

AROMA: chocolate, black cherry & plum

TASTE: dark chocolate truffle with black cherry finish

GOES WELL WITH: over ice cream or with raspberry torte 

20% ALC./VOL.  375ml. 


Mighty Maroon Port

Port-style fortified wine

GRAPE: Lucie Kuhlmann & Leon Millot

AROMA: cassis, figs & spice

TASTE: Luxurious cassis, figs, spice, & tobacco with rich full finish

AGING: barrel-aged for 12 months in French Oak, then bottle aged for five years

GOES WELL WITH: mature cheese, pâté, or berry and chocolate based desserts

20% ALC./VOL.  500ml.


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